Current and Past Publications

Field Trip Guidebooks

Year Description
2017 Depositional settings and tectonic evolution of rocks of the Bonavista Peninsula: new constraints and queries for Avalonia (A. Mills) Download
2016 Geology of the Bay of Islands and Port au Port Peninsula, Western Newfoundland (L. Hicks, J. Conliffe, K. Waterman, and S. Duquet) Download
2015 The Ediacaran fossils of the Avalon Peninsula (Alex G. Liu and James Conliffe) Download
2014 The Coast of Bays: Paleozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Gander Margin and Adjacent Avalonia in Southeastern Newfoundland (C. van Staal, G. Ruberti, A. Kerr and J. Conliffe) Download
2013 Evolution of the Western Avalon Zone and Related Epithermal Systems (G. Sparkes) Download
2012 GAC-MAC FIELD GUIDE: Peri-Gondwanan, Arc-Back Arc Complex and Badger Retroarc Foreland Basin: Development of the Exploits Orocline of Central Newfoundland (B.O’Brien) Download
2011 Fogo Island: Exploring A Composite Bimodal Magma Chamber and its Volcanic Superstructure (A.Kerr) Download
2010 The Burin Peninsula and the Dawn of the Paleozoic (Paul Myrow, Guy Narbonne and Rick Hiscott) Download
2009 Bay Verte Peninsula (T. Skulski, S. Castonguay, C. van Staal, N. Rogers, V. McNicoll, A. Kerr and M. Escayola) Download
2008 Bonavista (S. O’Brien, H. Hofmann, A. King, T. Lane, A. Kerr and P. Dean) Download
2007 Red Indian Lake area (A. Zagorevski, C. van Staal, N. Rogers, N. Currie, A. Kerr and J. Hinchey) Download
2006 Cape St. Mary’s Peninsula (T. P. Fletcher, J. Hodych and A. Kerr) Download
2005 Gold mineralization in the Avalon Zone (S. J. O’Brien, B. Sparkes, G. Sparkes, B. Dube and G. R. Dunning) Download
2004 Western White Bay – New work (A. Kerr, I. Knight and S. McCuaig) Download
2003 Gros Morne National Park (R. K. Stevens, T. Calon, R. Hingston, A. Kerr, D. James, S. McCuaig and I. Knight) Download
2001 Southwest coast of Newfoundland (I. Knight and W. D. Boyce) Download
2000 New showings in old rocks of the Avalon Zone (C. F. O’Driscoll, T. Froude, R. Way and J. Hinchey) Download
1999 The Exploits Subzone, Central Newfoundland (S. Dunsworth, H. Williams, T. Rivers) Download
1998 Conception Bay and Northeast Trinity Bay (S. J. O’Brien, J. Mills, and A. F. King) Download
1997 Baie Verte Peninsula gold (D. Evans, C. Wells, P. Bradley, P. Dimmell and K. Regular) Download
1993 Fortune Harbour Peninsula, Notre Dame Bay (T. Dec, B. O’Brien, W. L. Dickson and D. Evans) Download
1992 Bay de Verde Peninsula (teachers workshop) (F. O’Brien) Download
1990 Victoria Lake Group – Tulks Valley (D. Evans and B. F. Kean) Download
1989 Baie Verte and Tilt Cove (C. M. Saunders, D. F. Strong and T. Al) Download
1988 Burin Peninsula (R. Hiscott, C. F. O’Driscoll, C. J. Collins and S. J. O’Brien) Download
1987 Western White Bay (J. Tuach) Download
1986 The Springdale Caldera (M. Coyle and D. F. Strong) Download
1985 Central Notre Dame Bay (S. Swinden and P. L. Dean) Download
1984 The Gander Zone and surrounding areas (R. F. Blackwood) Download
1983 South-Central Newfoundland and the Tim Horton Complex (S. P. Colman-Sadd and S. Swinden) Download
1982 Burgeo Road and Port au Port Peninsula (B. F. Kean, R. K. Herd, R. K. Stevens) Download
1978 Baie D’Espoir and Hermitage Peninsula (Leaders unknown) Download
1970 Baie Verte Area (led by Martin de Wit, Bill Kidd and others) Download
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